Value Added Tax for EU

When you have a VAT liability company inside the European Union, you can choose to have your order shipped without tax. This is called cross-border delivery or cross-border vat and will be calculated automatically if you fill in the correct VAT number and country for you business.  

Terms & Conditions for Cross-Border VAT

    • Transaction is between two (Laenen Music & your company) VAT liable companies inside the European Union (EU). 
    • You need to fill in the correct VAT number when ordering your products. This VAT number will be checked at the VIES (System for VAT exchange EU).
    • The invoice- and shipping adress have to be the same as registered at the VIES.

All the required information will be checked automatically at the moment of filling in your adress. At the first order we will manually check the VAT number at VIES. When all the required information is correct your order will be shipped. When we will see any problems about the business / VAT information, we will contact you about this to solve it immediately.

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