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    The PM 5AR4 (also known as GZ34) incorporates heavy duty build quality for reliable and smooth power delivery under the most demanding conditions.

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    Sensational new high-gain (Gm) EL34 tube with very dynamic tone. Extra strong mil. grade construction with gold plate grid. Perfect for High-End HiFi and best choice for all Marshall®, Hiwatt®, Orange® etc. to achieve that big tone they became famous for. Very close to the legendary UK made Mullard EL34. The TAD EL34B-STR can replace any 6CA7 or KT77.

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    Very good gain, tight deep bass, fat mids and silky top end with overall definition and brightness. Selected and recommended for guitar amps to improve overall response. Best for clean tones as well as for those deep-bass required for modern preamps. recommended for all positions in amps with medium gain level or High-Gain Amps for V2+ positions. As for...

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